Slim Life : The story of Slim Life

I know how hard it is to struggle to lose weight.

Slim Life covers all Health Tips, Beauty, Fitness, Natural Home, Remedies, Weight Loss and Yoga. Slim Life helps easy and healthy way to stay fit and slim.

Slim Life : As a teenager I followed many fad diets, believing that by subjecting myself to other people’s rules about what to eat, I could achieve the perfect figure.

Of course all that happened was constant yo-yo dieting, exhaustion and feeling a failure. Eventually I gave up on the diet industry and started looking elsewhere for answers.

Slim Life

listen to your body

Slim Life : I began to look at naturally slim, healthy people for guidance and inspiration. Slim, healthy people do naturally what the rest of us struggle with:

  • they listen to what their body wants and needs
  • they enjoy their food without guilt

Learning how to listen to your body is just like learning any other skill. It takes time, commitment and self forgiveness when, at first, you fail.

By using this approach I became slim and have stayed that way for many years.

Slimlife for all

Slimlife doesn’t just work for habitual dieters. It’s particularly useful for people who want to lose weight after having a baby or whose weight has crept up over the years. Each time I had my 3 children I had 3 stone to lose.

Because of my experiences of dieting as a teenager I certainly didn’t want to try another fad diet to get back in shape. So I developed the Slimlife approach to dieting.

It worked for me and it is continuing to work for others.


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