Can Stains from Smoking be removed from the Teeth?

Can Stains from Smoking be removed from the Teeth ?

Can Stains from Smoking be removed from the Teeth : There are many reasons that smokers are urged to abandon their destructive habit;

smoking is linked to numerous health problems and serious conditions.

Smoking is also associated with bad breath and dark stained teeth.

In recent decades, it has become not only important to have a healthy smile, but to also have a bright white smile.

However, before you pick up whitening strips, you need to put down your cigarettes.

You may know that smoking causes stains on the teeth, but many do not realize just how severe those stains can become.

Can Stains from Smoking be removed from the Teeth

One of the Most Common Side Effects

While there are other side effects that are more detrimental to the health,

yellowed teeth are one of the most commonly experienced side effects of smoking.

Smoking is also one of the most popular causes of teeth stains.

These stains can occur whether you smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, smoke a pipe, or expose smoke to your teeth in any other way.

If you want a good indicator of the color that is seeping into your teeth, you can look at the filter on your cigarette.

The dark yellow within the filter is the same dark yellow hue that is seeping into your tooth enamel every time you smoke a cigarette.

While those who chew tobacco are not actually exposing their teeth to smoke, they are at an increased risk of staining.

The tobacco, and juices from the tobacco, settles right next to the teeth, providing ample opportunity for stains to develop.

Can Stains from Smoking be removed from the Teeth?

Fortunately, tooth stains caused by smoking can be corrected.

Removing or correcting the stains, however, will become much more difficult if you have been smoking for many years.

If you are a light smoker, or if you have not been smoking long, it may be possible to whiten your teeth using teeth whitening treatments.

At-home teeth whitening kits may be able to provide positive results,

but your teeth will likely lighten more substantially with the help of professional in-office whitening procedures.

If you have been smoking for many years, the stains on your teeth may no longer be superficial. This means,

the stains are much deeper than the surface enamel.

When this happens, removing the stains becomes much more difficult;

whitening treatments may not be able to achieve the results you want.

In order to create a white smile, you will need to resort to dental veneers or other tooth capping solutions.

Can Stains from Smoking be removed from the Teeth?

Other Common Oral Concerns for Smokers

Having white teeth should definitely not be the most important reason you quit smoking. Smoking can lead to:

  • Gum disease and receding gums
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Teeth that are less anchored in the gums
  • Increased tartar buildup
  • Oral cancer

If you suspect that you may be developing any of these problems, visit a dental professional as soon as possible to have your oral health examined.

Having a more beautiful smile should be just another reason, among a long list of reasons,

why you should put an end to your smoking habit for good.

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