Simple guide to a healthy weight and muscle building

Simple guide to a healthy weight and muscle building

Simple guide to a healthy weight and muscle building.

Many of you might ask”Why would anyone want to gain weight?” .

Well,even the skinny need to worry about having too much sugar and fat for good health.

Unintentional weight loss may signal a disease such as diabetes.

Poor diets can lead to ailments such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

in fact,who are underweight individuals have higher overall mortality rates than people of normal weight.

Underweight are also running the risk of developing breast cancer.

Conversely women who are slightly overweight at a young age are less likely to develop particularly aggressive types of tumors which are very difficult to treat.

Underweight men and women at risk for bone loss and oserporosis.

Or simply there are people who too thin and would like to be larger.

Whatever the reason to gain weight, one need to do so in a healthy way. It’s important to discuss the matter with a medical professional.

Here are some Tips To Gain Weight:

  • Have meals with the right balance of nutrients as follows : -10%-15% protein -60%-70% carbohydrates -small amount of the healthy kinds of fat such as unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats, olive oil, canola oil, pistachios, almonds and walnuts
  • Eat foods higher in calories, vitamins, and minerals, as opposed to higher in fat or sugar. Pack more nutritious calories in each serving. For example, you may add grated cooked eggs to mashed potatoes, ground chicken to soups and gravies, cheese in casseroles, eggs, and soups, and nonfat dried milk in soups, shakes, milk, and mashed potatoes.
  • Eat starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn more often.
  • If you get too full too fast, try having more high-calorie foods or slices of foods as opposed to consuming the whole thing (raisins versus grapes, granola and Grape Nuts versus corn flakes, mango slices versus the whole mango,Add nuts and dressings made with olive to your meal , add walnut or canola oil to salads. ).
  • Limit drinking beverages to a half-hour before and after a meal.
  • Drink mixed juices (apple/berry, peach/orange/banana as opposed to one juice beverages), drink smoothies or healthy shakes made with milk and fresh or frozen juice and sprinkle in some ground flaxseed for a higher calorie intake.Drink those fluids either 30 minutes before or after a meal, not with it, to avoid becoming full before you eat.
  • Add powdered milk to soups and sauces to offer calories and protein.
  • Pick dark chocolate as a treat. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that other sweets don’t have.
  • Eat more frequently.,Snack in between meals. Nuts, dried fruits, and yogurt are good options, but it’s also important to find nutritious foods that you will enjoy.
  • Have a nutritious snack before bedtime, such as a peanut butter sandwich.

What about protein powders?

There are Protein powders and nutritional supplement drinks such as Ensure can be added as in-between meal snacks if you still need more calories .

Some protein powders are flavored and only need added water and some others can be blended with your choice of juice or milk to improve the taste.

There are three most popular types of protein: whey protien (WP), egg, and soy.

Whey is a protein found in milk.Whey protein is available as whey protein powder, isolate, whey protein shake, and whey protein concentrate. If a person is lactose intolerant , she/he CANT drink whey protein isolate.

It touted as potentially being helpful in a number of medical conditions as controlling blood sugar if it was taken before meals .

Simple guide to a healthy weight and muscle building

For people with type 2 diabetes, adding whey to high-carbohydrate meals stimulates insulin release and reduces spikes in blood glucose levels after meals.

Whey has antioxidant, antihypertensive, antitumor, hypolipidemic,

Athletes often take 25 grams of per day, but bodybuilders who want serious gains, generally consume 150 grams per day. It is not recommended extremely high doses of whey protein due the overloaded of body’s liver.

Resistive Exercise

If you want to have a nice shapely body to go along with this extra weight, you’re going to need to work out so that you put the weight on in the form of muscle as opposed to the form of fat.

It is recommended to do a combination of aerobic exercise(as running and stationary bicycling) and strength training for the whole body.

Folks trying to gain muscle should:

* lifting weights. Lift enough weight that you can only complete about 6-8 repetitions of each exercise. The last few reps should be difficult–the last one should be really hard, but not impossible.If you’re a beginner, allow your body a few weeks to get used to lifting weights before you tackle more intense routines.
* Have longer recovery periods between sets
* Have more recovery days between workouts
* Use spotters to avoid injury
* Continue with cardio, but keep it at maintenance level–around 2-3 days of cardio a week to keep your heart in shape.

Remember that it can take a while to gain the weight you need, but be patient and continue to choose healthy foods until you reach your goal weight.

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