Spinning Workouts pros cons

Spinning Workouts pros cons

Spinning Workouts pros cons :There is a wide range of physical activities to keep you in shape.

The spinning is one of them.

If you want to include in your workout routine, it will be better to first know what its pros are and what, cons.

In this article, I will provide you with this information. 

Spinning Workouts pros consBenefits of spinning


Perhaps the most practical aspect of the spinning is that you can practice it without being subject to the weather.

To be practiced on a stationary bicycle indoors, this exercise allows you to train more seamlessly and without exposing you to the risk of getting sick.


Stationary bikes are much cheaper than other devices that are used to exercising indoors, as the walkers or ellipticals.

Controlled and varied training

Equipment including bikes allows you to have total control over your training.

Stationary bikes come with different training programs that allow you to do intervals or

duplicate the intensity when you want,

not to mention that you can also calculate the time, distance and speed.

Spinning Workouts pros cons

More fun

Finally, nothing prevents you take a book or listen to a little music while you enjoy your workout at home.

This makes the exercise more dynamic and pleasant.

Disadvantages of the spinning

Fewer calories

A stationary bike Burns fewer calories than a Walker, since the majority of your weight is resting on the seat.

While doing spinning you spend approximately 148 calories in 30 minutes, the Walker Burns 236 in the same period of time.

Less comprehensive

Unlike other exercises, in the spinning you work only the muscles of the lower part of your body.

For its part, the elliptical or the walkers allow a much more global physical work.

Discomfort and monotony

Finally, some people bike seats can be uncomfortable stationary.

To forget this possible discomfort will not distract you with the landscape:

this will always be the same.

This stains the activity with a certain degree of monotony.

You know what are the pros and cons of spinning.

Now you venture out to practice it or opt for a physical activity that feels best to you.

If you want to know the pros and cons of other types of exercise consultation Pros and cons of exercising with friends.

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