Diet And Exercise For A Healthy Mind And Body

Diet And Exercise For A Healthy Mind And Body

Diet exercise healthy mind body : When it comes to having a , the foundation is set through cultivating a state of spiritual well being. There are many paths you can take to find and maintain your well being. We all have unique lessons to learn and so will resonate with different paths. Diet and exercise changes are common starting points to help improve your health.

In fact, they were exactly the areas I first started with. The more self discipline you invest with a nourishing inner attitude toward changing your diet or improving your physical health, the more rewards you can expect. In my own Mind Body Spirit clinic, I discuss some of the most effective exercise and diet programs that promoted lasting changes in my life.

The exercise and diet programs that create lasting change, do so by training you to tune into your mind and body. By doing so, you learn to recognize behavior patterns which are detrimental to your well being. You also learn to make choices that are nourishing for yourself and those around you.

The well being that results from making such choices from the heart, helps you to be strong, healthy and happy. When it comes to exercising, in my life, I first started with cardiovascular type activities. I found that although aerobic or highly physical exercise programs were good at burning calories and building muscles, I still had a restless mind and body.

If I was under a lot of stress, I also found that these activities, did not release the stress as effectively as yoga or meditative type activities.

Hatha yoga is now part of my daily regimen. Because it has been so much more effective then cardiovascular work outs at cultivating health, yoga deserves special attention here. I have experimented with yoga in many formats.

I have gone to studios to take group classes. I have followed videos and also read illustrated books. For most beginners, I recommend starting with the following book: Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan. It gradually takes you from simple poses and builds them into a set of 3 daily routines.

Diet exercise healthy mind body

Each of the 28 days, there are some words of wisdom from the author, that helped me to feel the benefits of the program throughout the day. Compared to a video, I have found the book is better a cultivating inward attention, because you are not distracted by having to look at a television and compare your poses with the videos. Also, with the book, you have control over the tempo compared to a video.

I find the book allows for more relaxation for the beginner, then going to classes.Diet And Exercise For A Healthy Mind And Body : When I first started to go to yoga classes, I was too self conscious. This led me to worry too much about making my poses look good, instead of learning how to make them feel good.Diet exercise healthy mind body

The only draw back with the book style program, is that after a couple months, I found the routine was less stimulating. At that point, I started going to a weekly yoga group class as well as the daily home regimen. The combination works perfectly.

I am less self conscious in class, because I have developed a comfort with yoga at home and the class makes my daily home routine more fun because it adds some new elements. The stillness of my mind and body after a good yoga session is priceless and it can usually be accomplished in 30 minutes or less.

When it comes to diet changes, it is easy to get overwhelmed with options. A safe general starting point for any diet change, would be to introduce more fresh, unprocessed, plant based food products. The more natural and the more colors, the better. Organic foods are clearly healthier then those produced with chemicals.

There is considerable research showing that animal based food products are toxic to the body, and should be consumed at a minimum. The closer a food product is to its natural state, the more nourishing energy it contains.

Diet exercise healthy mind body

I recommend augmenting a diet with as many uncooked fruits and vegetable salads as possible. When cooking is required, I recommend erring on the side of crispy vegetables.

Diet And Exercise For A Healthy Mind And Body : However one thing is for certain; there is not a single dietary regimen that can be applied to everyone. In fact, even a single person’s dietary needs are a moving target. As you get more tuned into your body, you can start to recognize what your individual needs are.

It is possible to feel whether a food type is nourishing or detrimental as it is being eaten. The food that you crave, is not always nourishing to your body. Learning to feel how food effects your body is crucial. However you may have difficulty accessing this form of feedback, until your mind can be quieted while eating. Achieving a peaceful mind, is the product of life work, and beyond the scope of this particular article.Diet exercise healthy mind body.

I highly recommend periodic fasting or cleansing to help improve your sensitivity to food’s effect on your body. My first experience with cleansing, was with the master cleanse, a lemonade based diet. I highly recommend Tom Woloshyn’s book; The Complete Master Cleanse.

He outlines a 10 day cleanse in detail. He is inspiring, and also demonstrates a wealth of experience that will help anyone prepare for and successfully complete the cleanse. This cleanse permanently changed my food preferences. Immediately after my first experience, I found that eating meat was very draining on my energy levels.

At that point, I stilled craved meat. If I indulged in it, however I was exhausted for several hours afterward. I found that if I ignored the craving it would go away and my energy levels were better. I started to exercise my self discipline and was pleased with the overall results.

After several months, my craving for meat all but vanished. There have been many benefits from the permanent diet changes, that the cleanse triggered in me. I lost weight. I have more energy. I feel better about what I eat and I have better self control.

Both diet and exercise changes are an excellent starting point for anyone interested in making lasting changes in their health. Success in these areas can help motivate you to making bigger and even more important life changes as well.

The foundation for a healthy mind and body, is truly a spiritual endeavor, as such, it requires holistic efforts. The most powerful changes occur when you can foster a nourishing inner attitude in every aspect of their life.Diet exercise healthy mind body

When career, family, recreation and home life all reflect a desire to nourish yourself and your surroundings, then the foundation for health is strong. Diet and exercise are only a part, but still an important part of the holistic changes needed to experience health.

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