Lose Your Neck Fat

Ways to Lose Your Neck Fat

Lose Neck Fat : Many people have extra flab in the neck area and it can feel humiliating. But there are simple and easy ways to get rid of that excess fat from surgical methods to tips and tricks to hide it.

The first thing is to determine why you have it. Is it a genetic thing or is it because you have extra body weight. One of the biggest reasons that people have extra neck and chin flab is because they are overweight.

So if you get rid of your extra poundage the weight will come off everywhere including the chin area. If it is genetic then it will be harder to get rid of.

Lose Neck Fat

You may want want to look into chin liposuction to see if that will eliminate the extra neck.


Yet liposuction is certainly not on everyone’s agenda. It is very expensive and also risky. Not to mention having some downtime.

Lose Neck Fat

So you may also want to look into using a neck slimmer. This simple tool goes under your neck and you push against it. The resistance works to firm and tone the jawline.

You can set it up in front of your TV or next to your computer. One of these devices can be picked up for around $15.00 which is pretty cheap.

Working with your hair is another way to visually impact your look so you do not appear to have neck fat. A cute swingy haircut for a girl looks great and a beard on a man really does wonders to hide the excess flab.

The right kind of clothing can also help but notice I said right kind. Some turtlenecks for example will make your neck look even thicker! So really take a good hard look at yourself after you pull on a turtleneck or other top.

Lose Neck Fat

Look from all angles to see if it accents the chin fat. A plunging neckline can be a great way to hide the extra chin fat only in that it draws attention away from the jawline and down to other areas of the body.

Trying to pull attention to your eyes, nice legs or other body part can help. There is no need to waste time focusing on a body part that you do not like.

Instead focus on your positive traits and qualities and don’t worry about the things you really have no control over. This attitude will make you look even more attractive.

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