Yoga For Successful Achieving Women

Yoga For Successful Achieving Women

Yoga For Successful Achieving Women : Becoming a “yoga woman” is not about shopping for yoga apparels for women;

it is about making a decision to carve a little time out of your day to do something just for yourself.

As singer Helen Reddy describes the role of yoga in her life,

Yoga gives me the realization that I can not only be an active 75-year-old woman, but still a meaningful one.”

Perhaps one of the most famous practitioners of yoga in the headlines today is world renowned singer Madonna.

Yoga For Successful Achieving Women

A dedicated adherent of Ashtanga yoga, when Madonna suffered injuries in a horse riding accident in 2005,

including broken ribs, her doctors credited her rapid recovery and ability to fend off

potential chest infections to the important role of yoga in her life regimen.

Yoga For Successful Achieving Women

More and more women are expressing interesting in yoga after hearing stories like Madonna’s.

There have been many researches made about the stem cells from the cord blood and

menstrual blood in the Women Stem Cell Research center.

Busy Women Regard Yoga as Their Time

For many busy women, the hour they spend at their fitness center practicing yoga is exclusively their time,

a break from the demands of being career women, wives, and mothers.

Because the exercise is low impact, women can do other things after a yoga session without having to be worried about being hot and sweaty.

Women can take up yoga at any age and without being in top physical condition.

It is a relaxing experience, not an exhausting one and carries with it an overall sense of well being.

The psychological benefits of the practice are as marked as the physical changes.

Yoga Benefits Women In Every Life Stage

Yoga for women is appropriate at every stage of life and special yoga apparels for women are not required. Any loose, comfortable clothing will work just fine.

The exercises make women more aware of their strengths and weaknesses

while reducing stress, increasing flexibility, improving coordination, and extending range of motion.

It is a good routine for the cardio, respiratory, and circulatory systems and is especially helpful to alleviate

the lower back pain common in women before menstruation and during pregnancy.

Some women have found that a regular yoga routine will even out their periods and alleviate the anxiety and depression common at “that time of the month.

Also, by strengthening the abdominal muscles, yoga has been found to decrease painful cramping.

During pregnancy mild yoga exercises help the mother to stay fit without placing too much strain on the baby.

Yoga For Successful Achieving Women

Yoga keeps the heart strong but the blood pressure low and if the expectant mother is anxious about her impending delivery,

yoga will help her to manage that stress more effectively.

Specific types of yoga for pregnant women should be carefully chosen, however.

Pregnancy and ashtanga yoga are an especially good match since this form of yoga

follows a well-defined set of movements to come into and out of poses in a way that

completely absorbs the consciousness while stilling the thoughts.

Bikram yoga and pregnancy, however, may not be as good a match because even though bikram involves a series of 26 exercises,

it is performed in a heated room (95 to 105° F) that may prove too stressful.

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