Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal

Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal

Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal : Several thousands of years ago, Yoga came to life as an expression of the universal consciousness alive in all beings. Literally, the word Yoga means “to yoke” or “to unite”.

Yoga is an uniting discipline of self-transformation and spiritual growth.

It was practiced by the ancient sages of the world who passed on their deep knowledge of the body-mind, and the powerful techniques of Yoga to their disciples.

Though Yoga has been practiced in various parts of the world in many different forms, this universal tradition has been kept alive in India from generation to generation.

One of the most accomplished Yogis was Gautama Buddha, who lived around 500 BC in India. Later, Yoga was systematized by the Indian sage scholar Patanjali who lived around 200 AD.

Please read our Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga for a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Yoga.

Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal

As part of the broad spectrum of practices in Yoga, a more physical form of Yoga called Hatha Yoga has also evolved over the last two thousand years.

It is a form of Yoga where the practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) is used to bring the mind and body to a state that is conducive to Yoga.

In modern times, Hatha Yoga has flourished under the guidance of several teachers like Krishnamacharya and his disciples T.K.V. Desikachar, B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois.

Experienced western Hatha Yogis include Indra Devi, Lilias Folan, The Swenson brothers, Richard Freeman, Judith Lasater, Rodney Yee, and many others.

For most westerners, Yoga has come to mean Hatha Yoga. Though Hatha Yoga is very beneficial to us, it is only one of the dimensions in the universe of Yoga.

At Yoga Moment, our goal is to introduce Yoga in all its breadth and depth and not be limited to the practice of postures.

Asana (posture) is just the beginning, your first step in the journey of Yoga.Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal .

Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal

To address a few misconceptions about Yoga:

    • Yoga is not a religion and does not ask you to embrace any religion. Rather, many people who practice Yoga have experienced a deeper awareness and new understanding of their own religions.
    • Yoga is an experiential science of self-realization that doesn’t ask you to accept anything just on the basis of belief.
    • Yoga supports and enhances all religions that have a moral basis and believe in non-violence, love, spiritual awareness, peace and harmony.
    • Yoga is not just about twisting into a pretzel. The popular notion that the benefits of Yoga can only be realized through complex postures is very misleading.
    • Though Hatha Yoga uses postures to create health and get rid of toxins from the body and mind, it is not necessary to be able to do all the postures for you to get the benefits of Yoga.
    • We all have to work with our limitations and ultimately Yoga frees us from these limitations by connecting us with what is eternal and universal.

Yoga History Yoga Traditions Yoga Journal

  • Hatha Yoga is not just for flexible, athletic people. It can be practiced by people of all ages to the extent of their abilities.
  • Please read about the benefits of Yoga for people of various ages and physical conditions.
  • Yoga is not just for women. It is practiced by millions of men worldwide who have discovered the good things about Yoga.
  • For men who train with weights, Hatha Yoga can be an excellent complementary workout. For those men and women who are trying to get fit,
  • Hatha Yoga can be used as a low impact, moderately aerobic activity. Hatha Yoga includes weight-bearing poses that give your muscles and bones a good workout.
  • In Yoga, you do not just sit around humming “Aumm…”. Hatha Yoga practice is a complete body workout that stretches and strengthens almost all muscle groups.
  • It strengthens the core of your body, increases your aerobic capacity and brings your body into better alignment. It also works the smaller muscles that support larger muscle groups.
  • These smaller muscles are often neglected in other fitness activities, causing imbalances and injuries. Yoga takes a more holistic approach to your physical fitness.

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